New Springfield MO

Activities and Festivities

Planning for a vacation with family or friends? Visit Springfield, Missouri this 2019. The Queen City has prepared many exciting events that will make your vacation a genuinely memorable one. When you visit Springfield, there is certainly no shortage of events all throughout the year. If you check out their calendar of events, you might be interested in the following festivities: the Springfield Multicultural Festival, the Whiskey Fest, the Sertoma Chili Cook-off, the 7th Annual Midwest Regional Beer, Wine, Cheese, and Chocolate Festival, the Cherry Blossom Kite and Pinata Festival, the Pizza and Pasta Bowl, Rock and the Ribs BBQ Festival, and many more.

Dog Gone Mold

Choosing the right company for mold treatment is crucial for any household. Dog Gone Mold is a company in Springfield, Missouri that specializes in mold removal. Another one of their expertise is mold inspection wherein all inspections are performed by a certified mold inspector and an expert in the field. When your family experience sinus issues, headaches, or runny-nose that may be caused by being exposed to molds, Dog Gone Mold can also solve the problem through their air quality sampling. They will use a high-quality mold sampling pump to collect air samples. The company can also check your crawl spaces and air ducts for possible mold infestations.

Springfield Food Bank Sees Increase Of Federal Workers

As a result, many for the first time are turning to food banks to help feed their families. Bart Brown, the CEO and President of Ozarks Food Harvest says, "The biggest thing is that its a very helpless feeling to know you have to go in to work because your job is critical, but you're not going to get paid for it." He says the food pantry set th Read more here
The partial federal government shutdown has now been on its 31st day. Some of the federal workers are going to work without their first or second paychecks. As a result, many of the workers are for the first time turning to food banks to help feed their families. The workers are in a situation wherein they know that they have to go to work because their job is critical, but they are not going to get paid for it. Food pantries have been set up specifically for these federal workers who are waiting to see what will happen with the shutdown.

Pythian Castle in Springfield, MO

Located in the modern city of Springfield, Missouri, Pythian Castle is indeed an architectural wonder to behold. Seldom can we see gargoyles, a dungeon, and prisoner of wars cells but Pythian Castle still has those. You can experience it for yourself if you avail of their 1-hour tour. You can also learn about the history of the Knights of Pythias, and find out why ghost hunters and paranormal investigators flock to the imposing landmark. Pythian Castle is a former military site. They also showcase footsteps of glamorous movie stars and musicians. The building is now listed on the US National Register of Historic Places in the year 2009.

Link to map

Driving Direction
12 min (4.3 miles)
via N National Ave and E Sunshine St
Best route
This route has restricted usage or private roads.
Pythian Castle
1451 E Pythian St, Springfield, MO 65802, USA
Head south toward E Pythian St
Restricted usage road
0.2 mi

Turn right onto E Pythian St
0.4 mi

Turn left onto N National Ave
Pass by Chipotle Mexican Grill (on the left in 0.6 mi)
2.5 mi

Turn right onto E Sunshine St
1.2 mi

Turn left at S Wedgewood Ave
282 ft

Turn left
Destination will be on the right
295 ft

Dog Gone Mold
"1646 W Caleb Court
Springfield, MO 65810"